Nursing’s Professional Practice Model

Nursing’s Professional Practice Model

The PPM is the driving force of UCM nurses and the care they provide. The PPM schematic depicts the professional nurse and how he/she practices autonomously based on the unique needs and attributes of the patient and family. The “shield” also depicts how the nurse serves as the patient advocate and “protects” them from harm. Patients and their families are at the core and the most important focus of care that UCM nurses provide. UCM nurses use evidence based knowledge, collaborate with interprofessional colleagues, seek to advance their knowledge through education and national certifications, and help advance the health of the community.

Components of PPM

Patient- and Family-Centered Care: The patient and the family are at the core of the model to highlight they are the purpose, the reason for the work we do. Nurses incorporate the patient’s and family’s knowledge, values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds into planning and delivery of care every day.

Evidence-based Practice: Nurses continuously evaluate their practice through the use of clinical inquiry and assessment of patient outcomes. Translation of research and incorporation of evidence-based practices in our care leads to optimal outcomes for our patients. Nursing research and evidence-based practice projects add to the depth and breadth of nursing knowledge.

Collegial Relationships: The professional nursing staff has many opportunities to collaborate with interprofessional teams in leading organizational change to support excellent clinical outcomes for our patients. We are able to work with the interprofessional teams through our commitment to utilize respectful and professional communications.

Professional Development and Advancement: The model emphasizes the professional development of each nurse through lifelong learning, mentoring and role modeling.

Community Health and Well-being: UCM nurses are proud to serve the health needs of the members of Chicago’s South Side communities. Patients and families in our community—the heart of our PPM—require our compassion, our advocacy and our respect. Our nurses lead the delivery of patient, family and community-centered care in partnership with an interprofessional healthcare team, with the ultimate goal of returning the patient to the community in optimal health.

These structure and processes within our PPM are essential to achieving our ultimate vision of becoming a leader in collaborative, evidenced-based, patient, family and community-focused care.